Historical Museum of Krychau

The museum was founded on 30 December 1959 by Decision of the Mogilyov Region Executive Committee of Workers' Deputies, opened for visitors on 15 October 1961 on the basis of the materials which had been collected by M. R. Melnikov. On 16 February 2008, the museum was located in a new building, the 18th century architectural monument — Potemkin's Palace. The main aim of the exhibition is to reproduce different events which took place in different historic periods by reconstructing the interiors in the style of the 19th century, which are inserted in the room of a certain architectural monument. Historical reconstructions are presented by the following interior halls: "the History of the Palace" (an interior hall in the style of "Winter Garden" with the theme of the History of the Palace)", "Estate-Keeper's Room" (an interior hall), "the Buffet" (an interior hall), "the Dining Room" (an interior hall), "the Sofa Room" (an interior hall), "the Boudoir" (an interior hall), "the Maid Servants' Room" (an interior hall), "the Library" (a thematic exposition on the history of Krichev from 1772 till the early 20th century with the interior exhibits of the 18th — 19th centuries), "the Knights Hall" (a thematic exposition about the history of Krichev from ancient times till 1772, with the interior exhibits of the 17th - the early 18th centuries), "the Main Hall" (with some pieces of the interior which convey the common spirit of the ballroom of Catherine II's times, used as a concert and lecture hall). The fund of the museum includes 18,694 items (2014).